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Conoco Phillips Valve Repacking
William Wain
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Conoco Phillips Valve Repacking

Gee Graphite have a long standing relationship of 13 years with Conoco Phillips (Seal Sands) for valve repacking programmes on various plants across the site, In February 2014 Gee Graphite supplied two Technicians and one High Pressure Water Jet Unpacking Machine to repack 100 valves on No 3 Boiler. The valves were Repacked using Geegraf BGPR which is a high pressure high temperature braided inconel reinforced valve gland packing. In 13 years of valve repacking at the Conoco Phillips site Gee Graphite have never been called back to repack a valve gland failure after a plant shutdown.

In April May and June of 2014 Gee Graphite completed the unpacking and repacking of 132 valves on the No 7 Stabiliser, the majority of the valves which were repacked were on cold and hot oil duties. The repacking of the valves were carried out using the High Pressure Water Jet Unpacking Machine with two Technicians in attendance, the valves were repacked using Geegraf BGPR. The Valve repacking was completed in the specified time schedule as requested by Conoco Phillips and consisted of various size valves ranging from ½” valves up to 24” valves.

During the year of 2013 Gee Graphite carried out extensive work repacking valves on the following plants on the Conoco Phillips site using the High Pressure Water Jet Packing Extractor. The first plant which was in February, valve repacking was carried out on No 1 Boiler where Gee Graphite repacked 100 valves using Geegraf BGPR with the use of the Unpacking Machine and two Technicians. The valves repacked were on high pressure steam and saturated steam applications. 
The second valve repacking programme was carried out on the No 2 DEA Plant, this work was carried out using the Unpacking  Machine with two Technicians on site. Geegraf BGPR Valve Packing was used to repack over 100 valves which were on a range of duties when in service from water, oil and steam applications.

The next valve repacking project was on the Conoco Phillips main site shutdown where Gee Graphite had 7 technicians and 1 supervisor on site with two unpacking machines operated. This shutdown had a 3 week schedule in which to be completed, And a total of 200 valves were repacked using Geegraf BGPR packing. The valves repacked are used on a range of duties including Oil, Water, Steam and Propane, the valve repacking was completed within the 3 week time scale and was much appreciated and logged by the Conoco Phillips Shutdown Management and Planning Team.

In November of 2013 Gee Graphite had two Technicians and one Unpacking Machine on site to repack over 200 valves with Geegraf BGPR Valve Packing. This work was carried out on the No 3 DEA Plant and completed in a 4 week period, the valves repacked were on various duties including Water, Oil, Butane and Steam.               

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